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Monday, December 17, 2012

Designing Minds Blog (Part Deux) now powered by Goosie Girl

Coming Soon!

Designing Minds Blog
(Part Deux) 

Powered By Goosie Girl
(and friends)

In case you haven't heard, the original blog that started it all is making a comeback
and will soon be under new management... ala Goosie Girl!

Goosie Girl has acquired the rites to the Designing Minds Blog!!
 Yessssssss, the blog that started it all in the custom boutique world!

 Designer X and Goosie have made an agreement to have it officially change hands.  I am so stinkin excited about this!! I just love Designer X  to pieces, she is a class act,  and a very talented designer in her own rite.
We hope to build on the foundation she laid back in the heyday of Ebay Boutique, when the handmade and custom boutique community was being birthed. With the resurgence of "boutique groups" and launches, we've seen on social media sites lately, Goosie thought it the time was ripe with opportunity to try & bring back the AWESOMENESS of the old school boutique days via the blog, once fondly called the "DM blog"

We are so looking forward to this! Whether you're an indie designer, a member of a boutique group, a buyer, a boutique custom buyer who then resells, a photographer, model, pageant organizer,  textile designer, fabric/trim/craft supplier, or graphic designer... 

You will WANT to be seen on the brand spankin' new version of the Designing Minds Blog! We are bringing old school custom boutique back... JACK! :)

We hope to be up and running officially after the 1st of the New Year 
(that is, if the Mayan end of the world prophecy doesn't happen.. haa haa)

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