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Friday, January 11, 2013

Breaking News: Facebook is dumping the Timeline format!

Breaking News: Designing Minds has it on good insider information that Facebook will be dumping it's current "timeline" format for personal profile pages as well as business/fan pages. The old format has already been brought back to users in New Zealand,which has traditionally been Facebook's first chosen market/country to roll out any changes. 
"So... let's rewind the last 365 days of time, shall we?" says Facebook, and bring back what many users have been clamoring for since Timeline rolled out on the social media site. 

The idea is to bring back a cleaner, easier to navigate site. Facebook has not officially released the scheduled date for the format changes to come in it's North American market.
 For custom boutique and micro-businesses such as yours, there is no absolute way to be sure exactly what changes are in store for our pages. 

Will we become Marty McFly and completely time travel back to 2011 before the inception of Timeline for business "fan" pages? Will we suddenly wake up as New Zealander's did to a completely different format without warning? Will it be a gradual implementation of changes?Will they be bringing back the original,one column with sidebar format as it was before Timeline? or will we be given a completely new, sleek-looking, hybrid with features of both the old one column and Timeline formats?

 New Zealanders' are reportedly in favor of the changes as it makes the site have a cleaner appearance and is supposedly easier to navigate. They also report the changes increase the ability to have more convenient contact with those on their friend lists and updates from friends are easier to see as well as messages being more prominent with the new layout.
Lately, we Facebook users, in the North American market have been we have been getting previews of changes in messaging and custom privacy settings on our profiles. The documented reports from users in New Zealand however, are coming in from users who have PERSONAL profiles and NOT business pages on the site.

 So, we don't know precisely what this means for business pages as Facebook is not disclosing any additional information at this time. The talk on the street is that some profiles were secretly converted for testing in the American market in October of 2012 and then converted back to the current timeline format. This rumor has not been confirmed.

We will be looking into changes Faceook has already made in New Zealand in regards to business/fan pages and keep you informed as we get the information. Facebook and social media has become such an important piece to custom boutique businesses that we are sure we WILL be affected in one way or another. 

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