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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Custom Boutique Photos Behaving Badly

Submitted Anonymously by a designer at her wit's end with bad pictures:
"Ok.. vent. I have been trying out something new for modeling where I ask for a model, they pay full price, then I refund them back a portion when I get pics. I just got pics back from a lady.. and they are HORRIBLE! And she sent me 2. That's it. I stated in my description HIGH QUALITY photos only. ugh... She says she is taking more tomorrow... I am trying to think of a nice way to tell her that I can't refund her the portion. Besides the fact that she has had the set for almost a month now.  I am not sure I will keep doing this, as half the things I sent.. I still don't have pics for! I need to remake and send elsewhere for pics. Any wise words for me??"
This is a predicament many designers find themselves in far too often, I think. 

Designers, have you ever used a model and been disappointed in the photo results?

Are you a model or modeling agency/photographer who would like to add anything that might help designers to get the results they're looking for in the photography of their products?

I'd like to hear from you guys, designers & momtographers, what would help YOU  to communicate effectively, either as a designer on what you'd like/expect in boutique photos, or from you model moms on what would make things easier for you to meet the needs/desires of the designers you work with? what questions do you ask when you're contacted to shoot something for someone? what info would be helpful on either side to get to both parties shining in collaboration and happy with the end result?

Are you dealing with a nightmare situation and want to share, in order to resolve it, or get advice from other designers/momtographers with models?

 Email us: DesigningMindsBlog at Gmail dot Com or comment here and let us know how to resolve the issue that seems to be one of the hottest topics of conversation among custom boutique designing circles...


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  1. many bad stories and so many ways of not knowing how to respond to a photographer without hurting their feelings. I would love for you to come back to this with a "checklist" that some photog moms could put together for us, as designers, so we know exactly what we NEED to ask before we ever send our products out. I have felt so burnt in the past that I have a hard time trusting any photographer anymore to do a good job. I feel like too many of them are just out to get free outfits & think as long as they have a good camera, they know what they are doing. I know that isn't the complete truth about all photog moms but that is how it makes me feel. :(