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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gorgeous New Fabric Line from Sis Boom: Circa

Jennifer Paganelli of the wildly popular Sis Boom Brand has been a great friend of mine for several years. I became smitten with one of her first lines of fabric (Girlfriends) and later, when her "Soiree" line had it's debut, I coordinated a very popular guest launch on Ebay featuring almost 75 top name designers, whom created everything from Sis Boom fabrics. Jennifer, herself, even created a dress for the launch, and I made matching Goosie Girl style flip flops to coordinate. (To say we go "way back" would be an understatement). I have loved every single textile collection she has designed, and I am even one of the few people (I believe) who still has the "Girlfriends" scrapbook paper in my stash! Not only is Jennifer amazingly talented, she has to be one of the most authentic and friendly people I've ever had the pleasure to meet in the custom boutique and textile design circles we circulate in. I just got word that Jennifer has created yet ANOTHER to-die-for collection of fabrics called "Circa"; and it is scheduled to debut in May.
INSPIRATION I wanted the sun faded feel but obviously Sis Boom in character. I hope you love what you see- it's definitely flea market style with a bit of color orchestrated throughout. I love the sensibility, I love the freshness, and I love the clothesline appeal to these fabrics.  

~Jennifer Paganelli, Sis Boom 

To view the collection, visit the Sis Boom website:
Circa Ships In May


  1. Thanks sweet girl for your friendship during the years and I can say your things are so amazingly beautiful and have seen the folks touched by your work , myself included. Thanks for loving what you do, it's contagious!!!! xoxoxo

  2. I cannot WAIT for this line to come out! I have so many idea's for it!