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Saturday, January 26, 2013

How Ya Like Me Now?

Here we are a few weeks into this new blogging adventure and we're wondering what you think of our little blog so far? We want and need honest, constructive feedback on how we are doing so far; so we can make it as awesome as it possibly can be. We're just tickled pink to see soooo many page views in such a short time! We have acquired over 3,700 hits in just over a few weeks of publication! With this many visits, we think we're hitting the target we set out to reach, but we want to make sure...

  • Do you like the mission we outlined?, and do you think we're doing a good job sticking to topics that outline our mission, thus far? (Goosie has a tendency to be ADD ;) hehe,  and we hope we've kept on target with topics we blog about) 
  • Is the site user-friendly and easy to navigate? 
  • Have you viewed any of the additional pages we are creating, and do you find them helpful? 
  • How often do you visit the blog? and how do you hear about new blog posts being added?
  • What DON'T you see, that you would like to see on this blog? 
  • Have you commented on any of our blog posts yet? why or why not?

About the writing style found on the Designing Minds Blog~

I can only speak for myself, and can't speak for guest bloggers or "Designer Z" but I, (Goosie) enjoy writing. Unfortunately, I'm a bit rusty. Once I sit down to write a blog, the ideas flow smoothly and I find blogging one of those "little effort = big fruit" endeavors for me.
(A concept impressed upon me by one of my mentors, George B. Koch, who also happens to be my pastor~spiritual adviser, and is a fricken GENIUS, not to mention talented author, sculptor, awesome parent to 2 autism spectrum children, former V.P. of the Oracle Corporation and an all around cool guy and great friend who has seen me through some really rough times).

 I am passionate about small businesses, WAHMs, and the handmade movement in general. I'm honored to be joined by friends and an advisory panel whom I bounce ideas off of, and get fodder for more blogs.I know my writing style is sometimes off-the-cuff and would most likely be frowned upon by a college business professor, but I'm trying to use my "real voice" and be authentic. I'm not a professionally trained journalist, although I have worked and written for a large Chicagoland suburban newspaper group. I don't hold a college degree, I'm a street-smart, self-taught kind of girl. Sometimes, you may see spelling mistakes, and grammar/usage errors, but hey, I try to do my best~and I hope the effort & passion shows through. Thanks for bearing with me through this beginning, trial-and-error phase! I've discovered the more I write, the more concise and effective I become. 

One of the "someday" goals of this blog: 

At this point, the blog is merely a labor of love, we aren't making any money on it. In the future, we do, indeed, hope it can be a tool to generate income to provide a little extra for our families but for now, this is a work of heart~ and we hope that shows through in the presentation, writing, design, and variety of topics we have covered thus far.

Most of all, we soooo hope we are meeting the mark, but the only way to know for sure is by your honest feedback. Please comment and let us know how we're doing so far. Anonymous commenting is enabled if you wish to keep your identity private. Have ideas or wish to contact Goosie? Please send me an EMAIL

1 comment:

  1. I do like the blog! I find myself visiting daily to see if you have posted anything new. I would love to see more featured designers, and highlighted boutique items with some articles mixed in. So far I'm liking what I'm seeing though!