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Monday, January 7, 2013

HUH? Designer Z makes her debut

Hey all! Designer Z has been around custom boutique for a few years and thought I seen it all but this takes the cake. I'm scratching my head on this one. I need opinions on this one!?

Green Means 4 Kids Attire Sewing Lessons

If the zombie apocalypse comes down the pike, 
and all other fabric resources become non-existent, 
we're looking at some good options here:
Upcycled mans shirt becomes dress with a PATENTED, protected process
Has this upcycling thing gone too far?

or maybe it is the fact that the process of recycling and upcycling
is now OWNED by this designer, maybe this is what I find a little odd...
CAN something like this be owned/patented/protected/copyrighted ?
or maybe the bigger & better question is: SHOULD it be?

Reverse engineering prohibited?
 Oh.. my ... ??



  1. 1st those are ugly clothes to begin with. The manequin is bizarre and she seams to be full of herself. Just weird!!!

  2. Any offer on etsy including your own dormitory style room and private towel and wash cloth is just wrong.

  3. I do believe that this is the UGLIEST upcylced dress I have ever seen. I personally sell smocked dresses/tunics for girls that are upcycled from band shirts and I would die laughing at the thought of restricting someone from SEWING. "I have patented how to use a sewing machine so there!" LOL

  4. She is threatening people on etsy if they dare to recycle mens shirts into children clothes

  5. Hmmmm.....doesn't really seem like she needs to bother patenting that design. Can't see a lot of designers looking at that and thinking they should steal it? Call me