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Friday, January 18, 2013

Melon Seeds on Etsy: Product Review and Learn how to wear/tie a scarf!

"Our ability to accessorize is what separates us from the animals"
 ~ Olympia Dukakis, Steel Magnolias

Melon Seeds on Etsy is a brand-spankin' new small business recently launched using a combination of talent and creativity. The boutique business is powered by stay-at-home mom, Dani Ramos. Dani has wanted to take her crafty hobby to a new level and due to a recent change in employment, she has had the opportunity to unveil her new business via a new Etsy shop.
"Since I have become an Stay-at-home mom, I am looking forward to growing Melon Seeds. (Running a business) is all so new to me. I used to be the bread winner! 
Now I am a stay-at-home-mom trying to contribute with 5 kids!"
Photo courtesy of Amanda Star Photography
 Friends & family encouraged her to try to sell her beautiful scarves, and with encouragement, she has opened a shop. Don't let the fact that she is new to Etsy fool you, she sent us a scarf to inspect & review on the Designing Minds blog; and it is made very well. The time & effort that went into it is apparent. Her scarves add such detail, and they're such a GREAT accent for the fashion forward woman. Scarves are one of the coolest fashion trends. They dress up everything,and they add a fashionable accent to even t-shirts! The style of Dani's scarves are so fun & funky! (She affectionately calls them her "Potato Chip Scarves" which describes their twisty design). .Now she has the fire in her belly, she has a goal in mind and the driving ambition with great entrepreneurial spirit to expand and grow her budding business. With those traits; as well as a great product like hers, I have no doubt she will find success.

The colors of the Melon Seeds scarf Goosie received to review is a gorgeous, wintry mix of blues and grays. My daughter even tried to steal it from me, so she could wear it to school!! Drat! Foiled again, child of mine! LOL! Her scarves can be worn a variety of ways, and folded & tucked for different lengths depending on the clothing you're wearing for the day!

Scarves are great for the office, or hanging out with the kids at the park. Everyone from celebs to your neighbor are getting in on the scarf trend. Not sure how to tie a scarf? Check out this video by Refinery 29, 5 Ways To Tie The Same Scarf or take a peek at this collage I created on Polyvore to see different ways to wear & tie scaves. There are so many different looks to be achieved with a scarf! 

ways to tie and wear scarves

ways to tie and wear scarves by designingmindsblog

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