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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sloth LOVES Chunk... Errr... Chunky Necklaces! Trending

Ok, for you GOONIES fans... you totally got the headline of this blog post... hehe

 For those of you that didn't get that Goonies reference, This blog post is really about a HOT trend~Designing Minds loves Chunk too... but in another sense,  have you seen those big & chunky children's necklaces in the custom boutique realm? They're selling like hot cakes!

Paisley McRae on Facebook will create a custom chunky "diamond" necklace for you in pink or clear, with chunky or regular beads, $14.99 for regular, only $24.99 for chunky.
Click Here To check it out up close, and like her Facebook page while you're at it too (tell her designing minds sent you) 

HipBow'z N TuTu'z  on Facebook is offering this cute chunky necklace with a scrabble style tile featuring Doc McStuffins of Disney Channel notoriety. What a great valentine's day gift this would make, only $18.00 shipped! Even more adorable in person! Click HERE for more details

RaeMarieJewels has these two chunkified baubles in her Etsy shop
She specializes in these beauties and they're all $25.00
To see more varieties, visit her Facebook page by clicking here

Princess KK Necklaces is able to create fab chunky necklaces~this is just a sample of her awesome work for little girls...She has many styles and colors available, this one caught my eye.  

If you thought the chunky necklace styles from custom boutique designers was JUST for little girls though...I'm here to tell you~ you'll be delightfully surprised to see Princess KK also offers women's necklaces  like these! Click to see her work here.

They're very affordable, $22 + shipping I would sooo wear one of these! LOVE them!

You Can Make This offers many patterns/instructions for making all types of necklaces,
Just click this link, and then search "necklaces" and "chunky necklace"

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