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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That's a Wrap! Shop for, or make your own Wrap Style Clothing

Trending for Spring '13... Styles with a Wrap!

Whether it is a wrap style dress, skirt, blouse or outerwear. Wraps are where it's at!
the wrap first appeared on the fashion scene 40 years ago, yet, we can not get enough of this classic style!

Diane Von Furstenberg
According to a story in the Huffington Post, the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg's career was launched by the invention of the wrap dress, selling 25,000 dresses a week after her infamous divorce.
In 1972, it was said, rather than requesting alimony from her soon-to-be ex-husband (the famous German Prince Egon of F├╝rstenberg), she instead, took a lump sum and launched her legendary fashion line~ and VOILA! the wrap dress was born ~and thank goodness; because it's a stand-by in many women's wardrobes. During the 40 years that have passed since Furstenberg first launched the wrap, it has become a staple in many fashion forward custom boutique designer's repertoire for children and women alike! The DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) website has an entire section dedicated to JUST wrap dresses. However, they tend to be on the spendy side, so I've done a little research on how to create some of these same looks for your spring wardrobe by sewing them yourself~ or purchasing similar wrap style dresses created by very talented designers on Etsy.



Like these free patterns? you can find them and other freebies on the Designing Minds page:
Free Tutorials and Pattern Directory

Or if you're the shopping sort, and not the sewing/designing type of person, we've found some beautiful wrap skirts, dresses and blouses for women on Etsy.
 It's time to shop girls!

1. Mock Wrap Dress by Ready Ruthie
2. Wrap Skirt with Ruffle bottom by Lina Line
3.Heartland Wrap Skirt by Simones Rose Boutique
4. Polkadot Wrap Blouse  by Emily Loves Pretties

In the "modern" world of children's custom boutique as we know it~
Farbenmix was one of the pioneers in the market who brought the wrap style to children's sewing
... the Anna Wrap Dress was the end all and be all of the scene back then (circa 2006-2008). The style has matured a bit since Anna first hit the scene but it's still a classic.

 The Anna Pattern by Farbenmix:

Looking for The original "Anna" euro style wrap dress pattern? you can shop The Farbenmix site or, check out Etsy & Ebay

Here is a free toddler wrap dress tutorial from Tiny Happy 's Blog

We spotted other adorable wrap, mock-wrap style custom boutique items for children all over Etsy and we have it on good insider information, the WRAP look is where it's at for spring for both boys AND girls!

Wonderful & Whimsical Lorax Wrap Style Dress
Custom made in your choice of sizes from 2-8 
by Thats So Addie

made in the favorite Amy Butler Cameo print
by Koolmono

The ruffles & fabrics used in this set make me drool

If you're looking for a dress a tad more formal, 
here's a lovely choice! 

and we couldn't possibly forget about the boys!!

Look at this sweet mustard and white comfy cozy
newborn set we spotted by Mish Mash Clothing

I'm just head over heels in love with this adorable boys kimono style wrap top
Zmunki  will make it in newborn-24m size for your little guy~
I can't get enough of this funky fabric! Isn't this great?!

Want to try you hand at making your own children's wrap style clothing?
Shop on Etsy for wrap style patterns of all types by clicking here
Shop on Ebay for wrap style patterns of all types by  clicking here
Shop on You Can Make This for wrap style patterns of all types by clicking here 

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  1. Wow! Thank you for including my Lorax wrap dress in this awesome blog post. I am so excited to see it featured :)

  2. Thank you for featuring my kimono dress! This is a fabulous blog! Love it!

  3. Awesome Blog and great items!!! Thank you very much for including my Sophie red wrap dress.

  4. When we visited the Smithsonian, we saw a wrap dress worn by Margaret Mead on her trips to New Guinea. MM designed them and had a seamstress sew them for her. MM's wrap dress precedes DVF's by a good 30 years.

  5. I've heard a name Vicky Tiel in wrap dress circles. It seems smaller lesser know designers made them earlier but DVF launched the first commercial line of them, if that is how I understand it to have happened. Great blog!