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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Boutique Journal Website and the way it was in the old days of Custom Boutique

Prior to launching the "Part Deux" of the Designing Minds Blog, a dear friend of mine and I had been discussing the need for offering websites and blogs as centralized meeting places for custom bouitque designers, handmade artisans, crafty small businesses and their buyers~~ just like we used to have in the old school days.

 In the days before Facebook, Etsy, Artfire, and Social media in general, us designers would wake up, log onto Ebay, check out our Ebay discussion boards and groups, and check to see if we had any bids on our listings~or had made any sales that day.

THEN, we would go to a few sites to get all of our insider information about our niche market. We would pray to be featured for the exposure it provided us, and let me tell you, if by chance, you WERE featured on Journal Modiste it was a HUGE deal. JM was the brainchild of Amy Shearer and she did a wonderful job pioneering this media outlet for custom boutique in the beginning of the era!

 We would also visit The Designing Minds Blog (Original), Boutique Cafe (a website with a focus on boutique podcasts, community forum and designer marketplace which is still owned by a dear friend of mine, Daria) 

 or The Designer's Notion blog (another awesome blog chock full of features, awesome articles and advertising opportunities for group launches and such)

If you were "picked up" by any of these blogs/sites, it meant you had arrived! It meant you were THRILLED and carried around a GINORMOUS permagrin on your face all day!! It was SUCH an HONOR to be mentioned or featured on those sites back in the old school boutique days!
With the recent resurgence of boutique "groups" within the last couple of years on sites such as Facebook; and with so many new sewing, quilting, modeling, photography, hair bow designers, jewelry designers (etc) bringing their wares to places other than ebay and etsy~ we decided the time was ripe for us to launch and/or re-launch our sites. 

So, I'd like to introduce a "kissin' cousin" site of the Designing Blog. We are a separate entity, but I wanted to be sure to let you all know about it. My friend, Kris Buote owner of Etsy shop: Scraps2Love  and the former Designer's Notion Blog has launched a new website! The Boutiuqe Journal is styled in the vein of the old, and now defunct  Journal Modiste  ( insert sad face here, because I miss it & I miss Amy, the owner too!) BUT...I'm so excited for Kris and the NEW Boutique Journal site! Kris was an Adagio Bleu Studios team member  for many years, and a talented designer in her own rite~ she has recently been smitten with super cute cheer bows and is doing quite well at getting large orders. Needless to say, we are very good friends. I know her site is going to be a much read & much visited site in the future & The Designing Minds Blog wishes her nothing but the very BEST!! We both, with our new blogs/sites want to re-capture this excitement, and this community as it once was.

I find The Bouituqe Journal, not only very attractive, but it offers an option to featured in very visible Etsy treasuries with your designs (Just use the search term TBJ in your Etsy titles)~and It offers a Designer Market Place to advertise your Business. She has also provided helpful content on how to measure for customs, when to sell and so on. 

If  you haven't stopped by yet, please do, and tell her Designing Minds Blog sent you.

Best of luck, Kris
xo, Goosie

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