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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Help us find your Etsy listings!

We want to be able to find our readers
Etsy listings easily so we can feature them! 

Please add "Custom Boutique DM" to your titles on Etsy so we can showcase your items
and search our Search Term on Etsy to shop/view items created by Designing Minds Readers

 What's in it for you? Not only do we feature you on the blog, we add your listing's item to our favorites on Etsy which causes you to be seen in our Etsy Finds on the sidebar of the blog with a direct link to your item, and we will also Tweet & Pin You too!

 Sooo... by adding "Custom Boutique DM" to your titles you'll receive free promotion, lots of visibility and an increase in your sales! There is power in numbers!

Search Custom Boutique DM on Etsy by clicking HERE now


  1. Wow this is great !! Thank you..Following Blog and FB.

  2. Just added this tag to one of my Etsy item titles!